I tried joining this group and following a couple friends. At first it appears to have worked but when I go to "following" or "groups" those pages and friends aren't there. can you help?

In my group "MEME DUMP" this is what happened while trying to REFRESH the ALBUM of POLITICAL COMICS. It deleted the album and ALL of the 200+ pictures in it. 馃槻馃槣HELP!!

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I really appreciate that I am part of this great platform now! Only if I knew about it earlier, I'd have joined months ago. A huge 'thank you' to everyone who is taking part in sustaining this one of a kind place for information exchange! #uncensored #real #truth

I鈥檓 unable to figure out how to invite my daughter. I went on the app for apple but can鈥檛 find her on here

I need help cancelling my membership please


To our community - we thought this would be a great way to get everyone together and to answer any questions. Our growth over the last few days is so far beyond what we ever expected - thank you!

We are opening this group to provide an easy way to get in touch with us. Ask questions, request features and help one another! Our existing users can help us answer questions from new users to ensure everyone has a great experience.

Thank you again for making OurFreedomBook.com great!