No Vax, No Mask No Worries November Promotional Event
No Vax, No Mask No Worries November Promotional Event Nov 08

No Vax, No Mask No Worries November Promotional Event

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You are invited to check out the various products and services I offer across the various websites and stores where I do business, from techsupport and web maintenance and coaching to books and journals to photo art on useful everyday household goods and fabrics.

Starting Monday and ending Black Friday, each day will feature an hour in the morning, afternoon and evening with a new product or service being introduced roughly every 10 min or so.

This is a shopping event. Where possible, you may come across discounts, promo codes, coupons, etc. Such deals will extend for a week past Black Friday for those I can set up that way.

If you see something you like, feel free to share with your contact lists wherever you hang out most frequently. If you see something you know someone else likes or wants, either get it for them, or share the link with them.

If you have questions about any product or service I introduce, by all means engage with each post. There is room for potential lives if that is requested to answer your question, concern, thought, idea, etc. One slot is open for lives the second Wednesday and another one on the 3rd Thursday assuming you celebrated the American Thanksgiving on another day or like me, are not American and already celebrated Thanksgiving back in October.

Each day's posts will occur here on this event, and links to visit will take you to the various products or services being shared.

NOTE: Fabrics and household wares are sold as-is from the links given. Any issue with quality or delivery times are to be taken up with those platforms directly. Books are printed via KDP's print division, and any printing or delivery issues need to go through KDP directly. Any tech or coaching issues are to be taken up with me directly via private message. Such services have limitations and I reserve the right to decline service for any reason, including the issuing of refunds where necessary.
11-08-21 - 00:00 Start date
11-26-21 - 00:00 End date
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