7/2 - Just in time for July 4th, OurFreedomBus is hitting the road!

Who do you call when you're being #censored? The #ourfreedombus of course!

Fresh from getting wrapped logo'ed up, it will be driven across the country supporting groups who need our help. We are accepting volunteers to staff it across the country. If you have experience driving trucks or buses and want in, let us know!!

Our bus will provide FREE support to any one who believe they are being censored or unfairly represented online.

✔ Cold Drinks & Light Snacks
✔ Free WiFi & Internet
✔ A interview room if you'd like to speak to talk to us on camera about your experience.
✔ A safe space inside to hang out & learn about us!

(yes it's air conditioned!)

Do you know an event that could use our help? Let us know!


6/27 - Links To All our Apps!

iOS & Android Download Links Below

1. Messenger -

2. Full App -

1. Messenger

2. Full App


6/20 - App Update - iOS Full App Is LIVE!

We could not have done this without your support! Our full iOS app was just published to the app store. Give it a download & a rate (if you like it!).

Let us know what you think!


#ourfreedombook is hosting our very first giveaway contest! This is entirely due to the gracious support of our members. Without you, this site isn't possible!

We want to show our appreciation by giving back to you! In complete transparency - we need more members and we'd love for you to help us! We hope to reach 1 Million members by the end of June.

Dave thinks we can do it!

Help us reach 1 million by mid-June by posting in forums, recommending us on other platforms and #spreadfreedom across the internet. Whoever helps bring on the most members will win $1,000 to help them with their next event! (this could be a dinner for patriots, helping the community, however you want to use it as long as it's for a good cause to help others!).

Our site *does* have a referral program, however we don't like to highlight it because we want you to share our site because you love it, not because of this! However it's through this program that we'll know who helps us grow the most.

How can you start? (glad you asked!)
1. Visit this page ->

Copy the link there and share it everywhere! This is your unique link that will let us know YOU sent those members.

In case the link doesn't work, you can do this:
1. Click profile icon
2. General Settings
3. Affiliates (We don't like the way this sounds either!)

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Post below! Thank you for helping us grow, we love you guys!


5/27 - Update: New Breaking News Video Published. What do you think?


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