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Leo New Moon - August 8, 2021

Be the Change

The Full Moon in Aquarius, July 23, 2021, asked you to understand your intense emotions and separate yourself from anything that holds you back from being free to create the lifestyle you want to lead.

Were you able to turn things around so you can embrace a better version of reality with those who you can trust to love and support you?

As the New Moon in Leo arrives on August 8, 2021, it will help you to face down fear with courage to make changes to allow for greater enjoyment to be uniquely you.

Aim to turn any drudged daily obligations into enjoyable experiences creatively utilizing your unique skills and talents in service towards others.

To start, disconnect from anything toxic getting in the way.

Stand up for and exercise your right to pursue a healthier lifestyle of flexibility, happiness, and creativity.

Don’t like it? Change it!

It doesn’t exist? Built it!

The world is ready and waiting for you to step up and claim it!

The purpose is to incorporate more fun and relaxation into your life, allowing you to remain open to receive greater abundance. The options will be pouring in for those who are open to see them.

After all, it takes a shift in perspective to shift reality.

You don’t want to become overwhelmed and scattered, allowing frustration, anxiety, or defeat to take over from being unsure of yourself. That will close you off from receiving from the Universe. Discern and focus. You are perfect where you are right now.

Pace yourself. Prioritize your tasks. Plan on making adaptations to create new systems towards establishing greater freedom and happiness over your daily life, step by step.

Ask for the wisdom to see the bigger picture so you can tactically gather the resources to establish control over the enjoyment of your life with those you love.

It is the journey that matters.

Along the way, be different, spontaneous, and change things up. Play, have fun, relax, and allow your imagination to run fertile.

Remember what it’s like to feel like a carefree child again and plan to incorporate that essence into your daily life so that it’s the default program running your subconscious. Not fear and scarcity.

Look at your values, resources, and relationships, at work and home, and make the necessary changes. You will want the right framework of support to help you exercise the law of attraction to manifest your dreams.

It is time to clean up your act if there is anything weak, superficial, not supportive and toxic about your life.

Say “No” to what does not matter so you can relax.

Enlightenment is tied to your ability to exercise both the left/right, masculine/feminine, logical/creative, doing/being so they are equal within your daily existence. This way, you have more control over creating your reality.

If relationships are not understanding or not on the same page, are distracted, one-sided, stubborn, cold-hearted and projecting at you, then it will become easy to put boundaries around it.

Rid your life from those who exhibit Narcissism and Borderline-type personalities at work, home or in the community. They control by manipulation, guilt, or oppression from parasitic win-lose relationships.
Send them compassion and walk away.

If they are open and willing to understand and equally compromise with you, then healing will be on the way to restore balance and harmony.

As the Full Moon in Aquarius arrives on August 22, 2021, you will learn how to be a wise parent to your inner child by being both supportive and emotionally nurturing.

Thus, allowing for win-win compromises with others, you will enjoy your ability receive abundance and the wisdom to know how to sustain it in your life. In turn, gain greater control and creativity to utilize your talents to be graciously in service to others.

May the forces of the Universe be with you always!

Namaste Loves, Jessica

*Please go directly to my site to schedule a reading or time to speak with me for free about your concerns and how I can help if you are having trouble reaching me here.

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Power of Soul Shine

Cancer New Moon – July 9, 2021

The last Full Moon in Capricorn, June 24, 2021, provided an opportunity to eliminate fear and oppressive situations from getting in the way of your heart’s desires so you can turn things around, claim your power and commit to your calling.

Now, the Cancer New Moon on July 9, 2021, is asking you to be actively motivated to pursue what you are passionate about so that it nourishes your emotional life and enhances relationships and your ambitions.

You will want to take action to integrate your personal goals, values and unique contributions towards the greater good of society with those who are part of your soul-tribe.

The aim is to either transform or reinforce your identity and the roles you play in life to match the voice of your soul so that it speaks back to you in your everyday routines.

You’ll want to take some time to reflect on early childhood conditioning and remove any psychological obstacles toward claiming your power. Remember and reflect on your dreams and plan for what it is you need to accomplish to get there.

Going up in vibration?

Let the old programs go, “I can’t do/be this, I can’t do/be that.”

It’s time for FUN, not FEAR!



If you can shift your attitude, life will progressively become more fun with more options to explore, create and manifest from.

You will be ready to stand up and take action towards your happiness and enjoyment, setting limits on others’ unhealthy demands on your time and resources.

Learning self-love behaviors to replace their oppression, guilt, shame, martyr-ism, such as setting emotional boundaries will go a long way to get you moving.

Know your value and cut ties to vampires and parasites. Put your unique talents and visions to work to accomplish your goals for the greater good of society.

As such, the laws of attraction will work very powerfully to help liberate you into enjoying more peace, prosperity, fun, and satisfying relationships of all kinds, at work, at home, with friends, and loved ones.

Narcissism can be extremely evident under these energies. Understand what it is and kindly say "NO thank you," to yourself and walk away from anyone who is clueless to boundaries and respect.

Consciously vibe your SOUL POWER energy out and the Universe will reward you for it.

Seek out like-minds who help you relate to the world and reinforce a reality you are craving to manifest.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

If everyone is a disappointment then political or advocacy groups, human rights, charities, or animal welfare are just some fields in which you will feel the love back from the energy you put into it.

Don’t get too attached to expectations. Keep moving with the shifts until the end of the year. Now is not the time to be stuck in any unhappy behavior patterns with yourself or others. Much is in flux and the opportunities are surging in. Keep looking up! Great progress can be made now on advancing your ambitions and matters of your precious heart.

Decisions are being made within relationships and commitments are either deepening or breaking free.

You may experience relationships with parents, co-workers, bosses or authority figures who are causing too much pain, oppression and anxiety and not enough love, support and encouragement

Did your parents inadvertently teach you to deny the best aspects of who you are by their own unawareness of their patterns of self-neglect, abuse or depression? Did the constant reinforcement of these patterns as a child create unconscious behavior programs you need to recognize, address and change now?

A strong faith in your personal value allows you to stay true to your morals without sacrificing your own needs or level of comfort for the sake of others.

You can think of this summer as a Shamanic journey to the underworld of your soul to release what no longer serves you and to reclaim aspects of your inner child you hold dear to your heart.

Rescue and breathe new life into that inner child that just wants to enjoy life.

By the next Full Moon in Aquarius on July 23, 2021, if you can work to remove those psychological barriers and refresh your mindset, you will be moving out of limitations from the past. You will be exercising your personal authority into a renewed and refreshed sense of your reality and liberating that inner child to play again. A healthy relationship with yourself (by setting boundaries) will strengthen the compassion you have for the people you care about, meeting each other from the heart space and elevating humanity to new levels.

Be fearless. Get out there and take action to enjoy your life with others who respect your heart!

Love life wholeheartedly in everything you do.

Namaste Loves, Jessica

*Please go directly to my site to schedule a reading or time to speak with me for free about your concerns and how I can help if you are having trouble reaching me here.

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DOCUMENTED CHILD DEATHS! ‘Vaccine’ Related Deaths Climb as Media and Big Tech Silence Truth

Scorpio Full Moon - April 26, 2021

Developing Self-worth and Abundance.

The Aries New Moon two weeks ago asked you to recognize your self-worth by paying attention to your instinctual patterns of relating to yourself and others. It was important to eliminate what no longer serves you and holds you down.

From that, the Scorpio Full Moon, April 26, 2021, will allow your sense of purpose in life to emerge. With it will come the freedom, excitement, stability and resources to go after your calling without limitations, and all the support you need to make your dreams come true.

The choice is yours to be aware of how instinctual emotional responses direct your life. You’ll want to reshape your lifestyle patterns in a self-confident and caring way which is open to your progressive personal development.

Watch for being motivated unconsciously by fear and anxiety. These are lower vibrational triggers from uncomfortable emotional circumstances repressed from childhood or you have long forgotten about. They have made an emotional imprint on the wiring of your reactive behavioral system and need to be exposed for change to occur in the ascension process.

As such, some may feel the bottleneck of clogged or crystalized fear energy breaking down and needing outlets for healing to take place.

Be open to your creative spontaneity and allow what excites you to lead you.

Uranus is helping to break out of any outmoded psychological patterns of fear so that talents, resources, finances and relationships can become integrated in productive ways that match your self-worth.

You will find the energy is more spontaneous, trying to align you with purposeful instinctual routines that allow for continuous patterns of freedom, creativity, pleasure and self-expression.

Go with the flow.

Stay aware of the signs from the Universe providing progressive stages of abundance for all through the shifts and changes.

Abundance is truly here and more is on its way.

For some, an inner restlessness from repressed fears may feel intolerable dealing with oppressive authority figures, responsibilities and commitments. Watch for frustration, social inappropriateness, compulsiveness, explosions and power struggles just to become aware of it and break free from it now.

Ritual work can become powerful as an aid to reprogramming new instinctual responses you can trust and rely on.

If you seek it, Saturn will help you harness the maturity and discipline needed to build new frameworks of self-reliance, resourcefulness, and resilience to sustain yourself.

Based on your evolving sense of self-worth, Venus is connecting you with those you enjoy relating to, which in turn will help you enjoy more comforts in your daily life and attract more of the right people who support you.

Shared resources can become apparent in understanding if you have enough mutual support to feel secure, loved and prosperous.

As such, some relationships can progress, deepen and become more intimate while others are breaking up. A time-out may be needed to recharge batteries and have a clearer perspective.

Watch for episodes of too much self-sacrifice or martyrdom just to be in a relationship.

The energy is asking you to keep with the principles of balance, SELF-awareness, love and respect.

Karmic relationships (soul-mates, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, etc) are also emerging to help each other on paths of love and ascension. Be open to recognizing and embracing them.

Your soul tribe may be calling out to you for love and support.

Now that you understand which relationships you can commit to, taking care of your own needs without neglecting the needs of others becomes important.

If you can do the work of releasing the rigidity of fear day by day, you can be there for others in your life by the Taurus New Moon on May 11, 2021. By then, more love, freedom, fun, prosperity and pleasure will be waiting for you with those who are by your side on this ascension journey to emotional freedom and abundance.

May the forces of the Universe be with you, guiding you to the Light!